Karen Leonard was born and raised in Staten Island NY, on June 1, 1971. She is one of four siblings born to the late Pastor Alfred H. Leonard, and the late Min. Gloria Leonard.

“Music has always been a part of our family as my mother played the piano in our church and in our home”, Karen states.

Karen’s parents were also instrumental in her musical background by sending their four daughters to voice and piano lessons while they were very young. At the age of ten, Karen wrote her first song entitled, “Try God”.

“That song has never left me because I can remember how proud I was to write those lyrics! I sang it over and over until I had my entire family singing the song!”, Karen recalls.

Karen later went on to write songs for a group of cousins who she named “Kids for Christ”. The group was comprised of her four younger cousins. She played the keyboard while they sang. In her early thirties she began to play for the children’s choir at her former church, All Saints Church of Christ in God, founded by her father, the late Rev. Alfred H. Leonard.

“I’ve always had a passion for children, and combined that with my passion for writing. I’ve honestly forgotten most of those songs back then, but now I record everything as soon as I hear it.”

Karen could not escape the calling to ministry that God has placed upon her life. She hosts a Cable TV program entitled “The Words of Life”, formerly entitled “Straight From The Pulpit”. The program is a teaching segment based upon prophetic words from God.

“That was my gift in the church. I can remember being 16 years old when I first was Spirit filled, speaking another language that I had not studied or learned. It was amazing! I was 19 when The Lord spoke into my spirit to tell others about their lives. Things I had no prior knowledge or understanding of. I would utter the Word, and people would just break down in tears. How awesome is our God to reveal the unknown causing change and revival in the hearts of man!”

Karen also explained that she always had prophetic dreams from her youth. She’d have a dream and it would literally come to pass.

“The prophetic is something that most people don’t understand. Even church folk don’t fully get it. I always felt weird because I didn’t know how to explain how or why I knew what I knew nor was I able to explain how I saw certain things. When you say that God showed you something, people react crazy. These days I don’t even worry about what people think. I just know I have a Word to speak, and woe is me if I don’t use the platform God gave me to speak those Words!”

Karen recorded her first album entitled “I Was” in 2016 with Eric Copeland, president and executive producer of Creative Soul Records.
“What an amazing experience! I never knew how tedious it was to record an album, especially a ten-song album! I have a new respect for recording artist, producers, engineers, and even musicians!”

Now in 2017, Karen has just recorded two singles. One entitled “You Make Me Smile”, and “It Will Be Alright”. She also has two videos that are scheduled to be released late 2017. These were also produced by Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records.

When asked what’s next, Karen says “Well, right now I’m just walking it out! I’m allowing God to hold my hand and take me in the direction that He chooses for me to go.” She says that singer Brian McKnight is her favorite artist, and biggest inspiration. When asked why, she says “because Brian writes, sings, and composes his own music, and that’s what I admire; The creativity!”

She also adores Tasha Cobbs (Leonard) because she brings the anointing of God which is a necessary component in the Spiritual realm.

“It The anointing that destroys the yokes!”

Look forward to hearing from and seeing more of Karen Leonard in the near future. She has a sound that will take Gospel /Inspirational music to the next level.